Susan Ballog, Air Ground Xpress’s Clarion PA terminal & Line Haul Gateway Manager was asked to attend and participate in Clarion Area Chamber of Business & Industry 1st Annual Women in Business Expo.  Sue does a fantastic job at AGX.  She is appreciated by everyone and has a customer 1st mentality. 

Below are her comments from the event:

“This year 115 women supported the event from all different aspects of business and industry community of Clarion County.  It was a great networking event. Meeting other businesswomen and seeing where our struggles and goals are met daily working in man’s world ( as we all laughed ).  The Expo had some great motivational speakers.  Also, speakers that brought out there struggles to get where they are today with coping with family and work.  The all important work-life balance. 

Clarion University business students were in attendance to interview us on different topics and goals we have set for ourselves and the workplace.  My question was how did I know trucking was for me?  You need to follow your heart number one and secondly being brought up in this industry by my family, I have been blessed to experience very different jobs functions along my path from driving to my current position as Terminal Manager.  The trends, laws, people, and changes through the years have kept me motivated and always learning.

I thank Air Ground Xpress for always letting me learn and change as a better person and Manger.”

Please find out more about the event and other functions of the Clarion Chamber of Business & Industry by using the link below:

Clarion Chamber