Accessorial Charges

After hours opening
Applies if a shipment arrives at AGX Terminal between midnight and 06:00 Monday through Friday, or from 12:00 Saturday to 06:00 Monday.
Airport over the counter drop or recovery$39.00
Air-ride truck pick-up or delivery
Applies if shipment requires an air-ride truck. 24 hour notice required.
Does not apply to tractor trailer moves. Attempted pick-up or delivery will be billed at the area minimum.
Tractor trailer attempts will be billed at the straight truck cap for that area.
AWB prep / paperwork
Applies if AGX is required to complete AWB, BOL, etc.
Container stripping / loading
Palletized 20’
Palletized 40’
Loose 20’
Loose 40’
Appointment required.
COD / FCCOD$15.00
Dimensional Weight
length x width x height divided by 225
Assessed if the dimensional weight is greater than the actual weight.
Convention center
Waiting time and special charges may apply.
$39.00 Minimum / $0.03 per lb.
Dunnage removal
Inside and unpacking charges will apply.
$39.00 up to $300 for a Full Dumpster
Excess value fee $0.45 per $100.00 of declared value
Release rate
Unless a greater value is declared, and insurance paid for,
Air Ground Xpress liability will be $50.00 or $0.50 per pound, whichever is greater.
Hazardous / dangerous goods
Applied once on shipments that include a line haul.
Hotel$29.00 Minimum / $0.03 per lb.
Inside delivery (beyond threshold): Business Plus Service
Up to 150 lbs.
151 to 600 lbs.
Over 600 lbs.
Liftgate and two man charges may apply.
Known shipper verification

Area Minimum Charge
Applies if one piece is over 120lbs. with no dock.
Two man charges may apply.
24 hour notice required.
One hour minimum $39.00 per hour.
Plus cost of materials.
$39.00 per hour
One hour minimum $39.00 per hour.
Inside charges will apply.
$39.00 per hour
School$29.00 Minimum / $0.03 per lb.
Pallet-Skid surcharge (Skid/Pallet)
Applied when pick-up requires skid exchange.


5 Business days free

$10.00 per calendar day per skid (48' x 40' x 48')
Terminal handling charge
Applied to in-bond shipments for paperwork processing.
Terminal handling / storage advance
Applied if AGX is requested to advance terminal handling / storage charges to an airline or CFS station. This will be added to the total amount outlayed.
Available only in PIT.
Transfer / Crossdock (Tender to other Trucker)
Waived if AGX performs delivery / pick-up.
$19.00 min
$0.025 per lb.
Two man delivery / pick-up
Assessed on the time departing the terminal until return.
Required if a shipment is over 120 lbs. with no dock.
24 hour notice required.
1 hr minimum.
Waiting time / detention (Straight truck)
30 minutes free.

Tractor trailer
60 minutes free.
$18.75 per 15 minutes $75.00 minimum.

$25.00 per 15 minutes. $100.00 minimum.

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