Due to various issues at the airlines, CFS’s and other carriers, AGX is running into significant delays recovering/tendering freight.  As we are still in the midst (hopefully tail end) of the Pandemic, a majority of shippers and consignees still have shortened hours impacting our delivery/pickup windows.  These shorten hours impact our capacity along with the increased volume in all of our business segments.

While we have been adjusting routes, line hauls and trying to hire additional staff/drivers, we must also implement the following changes.

Deliveries serviced from our Altoona, Clarion and Morgantown terminals must be in AGX hands by 09:30. Local delivery from the PIT terminal must be in our hands by 10:00.

If you have something for PIT areas that may not be available by 10:00 please reach out for various options.  

AGX is very aware of the need to provide the best customer service possible and will continue to change to the demanding needs to the best of our ability.  

We appreciate your business and understanding.

Freight Volumes Projected to Increase 36%